• Once the reviewers are updated and invited via email, they are required to inform about their availability for the review task.
  • They can respond to us regarding acceptance or decline of the invitation for reviewing. If in any circumstances the reviewer is unable to do the review, he may suggest any of their colleagues, so that the editor may invite the respective person for the review.
  • The articles allocated to the reviewer are strictly based on the research interests of the reviewer. If the manuscript does not go with their field or experience, they can inform to the assigned editorial office about the same.
  • It must be kept in mind while reviewing that the reviewer should not be partial.
  • It is necessary to complete the review process within the given timeline so that the completion of the review process does not exceed the time limit.
  • Reviewers are requested not to discuss the paper with their respective author.
  • The marks given to the paper should be kept confidential and the reviewer can suggest the editor for approval or rejection of the manuscript.

It is strictly advised not to use any information of the manuscript for your own use or benefit. The reviewers will be notified via e-mail about an invitation to review a manuscript. It is to be kept in mind to agree to agree to only the manuscripts for which subject expertise is present. Respect the confidentiality of the peer review and do not disclose any details. Go through each section and check each detail provided thoroughly. Once you have examined the entire paper closely, make a recommendation to the editor regarding its publication.


  • Accept
  • Minor revision
  • If the article can be published after a slight amendment. Suggest a few revisions from your end as well.

  • Major revision
  • If the paper requires considerable changes for higher quality, mention the areas which are to be worked upon.

  • Reject
  • If the article is not fit enough to be published. If the reviewer is not able to submit his report by the given deadline, it is a must to inform the editorial office so that the referencing procedure is not disturbed.